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Posted by Lucy Nuttall on

If you've visited the INTERVENE website before you may have noticed we've had a facelift! With so many changes underway and products coming through we decided it was time for an fresh look and some updates. If you haven't visited us before, welcome! 

It's been a busy time for INTERVENE and we're excited for all the changes and opportunities coming up, so be sure to check back for updates, or sign up for our newsletter, and we'll send you updates direct to your inbox!

INTERVENE have just launched DASH3® , which is the new ENFit® ready Enteral range for the ISO80369-3 changes. If you currently buy any of our ENTERALOK® products, these changes will affect you as the DASH3® will be replacing ENTERALOK®, but please don't panic as we've made it so the change over can be simple. With the help of adapters and a transition phase, you won't feel a thing. For more information click here, alternatively, give us a call and we'll help you.

You can still order direct by clicking the 'Home Care' button on the top navigation bar, this will take you to the existing shop site where you can order as normal. The shop will be brought over and integrated within this new site at some point although we will notify customers when this happens.

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