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Award-winning INTERVENE is a Global medical device manufacturer formed in 2003 to design and bring to market a range of speciality medical devices in niche areas of the healthcare industry. The company has gained plaudits for its innovation and commercial agility.

INTERVENE is best known for its syringe ranges, DASH3 oral & enteral feeding syringes,  Nasogastric Tubes, SURETY® spinal & epidural syringes and OEM syringes for other healthcare providers.

INTEGRITY® is INTERVENE's needle-free, Intravenous Therapy (IV) range for minimising the risk of bacterial contamination ideal for gravity administration sets or blood transfusions.

In addition to syringes and IV devices, INTERVENE offer a wide range of single patient use, reusable and Isolation Blood Pressure Cuffs, pH Indicator Strips and also Single use, Quick release Tourniquets.